Okay, this is a one-liner poetry prompt.  I was thinking of typing up a poem called “The Slanderer in the Tooth.”  And decided it was not very calming.  Hence the “Calm” prompt!



I feel your stillness

hear sweet tricklings

of your voice

over moss-laden rocks


A pool of quietude





Good Morning World

Daily poems be the thing

Line drawings and daily poems.

The two may become engaged.

If they see a future



Otherwise they will stay apart

One scrawling

One scribbling

with sometimes an exchange

of mutual thoughts



Thinking in poems

My mind has started to think in poems…  It happened this morning when I first awoke, a poem worked its way out

of bed, before me

And scribbled itself down

on paper discarded the night before

And then crawled out the door

and on to the blog

in regalia full

to be followed by another

Three in fact

while I washed the dishes and flipped my eggs

And drank my cup

down to the dregs

the poem






I think a small drop fell on the floor…


Kupate (CuppaTea)

“No, No, I don’t drink Tea

I only drink Kupate

Tea is No Good,”

I said as I should

as they looked at my cup askance.

Golden Liquid pours from the spout,

“What’s in it,” they ask

Full of Doubt

“Oh, Fresh Raw Ginger, grated thin

and crumbled sticks of Cinnamon

Gently brewed with orange skins


I look up at their faces full of chagrin

They know

the tea







Gentle, Kind

Rippling wavelets


the Rocks

Bold and True

Glistening with wetness

as the waves withdraw

Pregnant with grains of sand

which wash up on the shore


Playful Explorers


in chords of Happiness.

In search of similar sentiments, I found Louise Hastings’ poem “Mother Earth” which beautifully describes a relationship with our planet. “She and I are made up of the same stars.”

Add A Line Poems – Audio!

Here are a couple of audio tracks for the group poetry sessions at Opinionated Man’s blog, HarsH ReaLiTy. Note: Copyright, All Rights Reserved – unlike most other stuff on my blogs 🙂

Add A Line Poem 5 (

Add A Line Poem 8 (

Some wacky warm-ups, love it!  I could see it becoming a bit like a poetic version of theatresports…

Wrestling match not over

The book cover struggled up on the count of six
Woozily put up its fists to fight

And I took my time
warily taking stock
of its every weak spot

Sent it to its corner
rang a bell
and ordered a rematch

I’m re-arranging its face…


Sounds bad doesn’t it.  The good news is that my wildebeest logo is approved for publishing, I had a copyright issue to check, since it is the only drawing in my colouring book which has come from something not completely my own.  (I haven’t been to Africa to sketch or photograph a wildebeest.)  So my wildebeest will stampede across the cover of my Wildersoul colouring book.  I’m going to do battle with it now.  And I am trying out advice to use the ‘Palm’ template on CreateSpace’s Cover Creator, to upload my own design into without it stretching out of shape.

King of Happiness, the True Knight

This one is for Opinionated Man in reply to his poem of knights and dragons… (

King of Happiness
Desires Fruition

Lords over the world

Astride mountains of gold
He murderously stole
From the True Knight’s Master

The world bows down
Offers flesh and crown
for coveted dragon delights

The jaws of a trap
In wicked grin
snap shut
as another falls in.

Many Bold Knights
don armour to fight
as if the gold were their own

Cold green eyes
burn hate and rage
as True Knight falls away

Leaving cold-hearted glory
and Fortuitous story
and a dragon he battled today

His Master knows
The Life Span
of a Dragon

How quickly he is slain
and eaten by fiery flame

No revenge remains
The King has seen his Justice.


Your MaJesty, the jester’s tears will be tears of joy.

Adding the audio of The Jester Cries…  (Copyright The Opinionated Man, all rights reserved.)

Falling Into the Words of Others……. The Benefits of Reading Blogs

A word of appreciation to all bloggers out there. What an enriching experience you are providing through your words, pictures, and everything else you put into your blogs. Including heart and soul. Keep it up 🙂

Video: Peter Lovatt – Psychologist and dancer.

Peter Lovatt cracked me up with his psychology of dance, I got up and grooved with the rest of the audience! Can feel my hippocampus growing already! Hee hee. Now I am thinking about creative expression through dance…

Dance Education

I find this video really interesting, although I don’t agree with all his statements. It is always great to hear different perspectives. A process like this can make you a better educator.

Dance and the mind Peter is a reader in psychology and principle lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire…

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