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I’ve got to write Something!  I have a private blog which I call my ScratchPad, and this is my Scratchy Post number One.  I have poems, and a copyright notice, and a colouring book, and a whole lot of photos and some old artwork uploaded to my other blogs.  I have an e-book in the planning stages, and payment and tax to figure out because I live outside the US.  This means either setting up a US bank account, or waiting for a certain amount of money to build up before a check is posted to me.  Amazon seems the obvious choice for selling an e-book.  Big, and reputable, with good systems in place.  Me being outside the US, UK, and Europe is an issue.

I set out with three things in mind when I started blogging.

  1. Upload artwork daily for a year for an online colouring book
  2. Give freely, and build up a community
  3. Find a way to create a income.

I struggled with the daily routine, and discovered that scheduled posts helped take away the pressure of a deadline.

Then I became saturated with the black and whiteness the colouring book pictures.  So I started a new blog and started uploading colourful photos and artwork.  This worked as a quick fix.  It also added an extra workload.

I examined many options for making money from my work, and settled on an e-book to sell on Amazon.  It may end up being a print-on-demand book to sell on Amazon.  I have to figure out the number of pages, and what size is available besides the standard paperback.

In the background I am wanting to start painting, and to make a first venture into sculptural forms.  A dream of mine is to make a movie, and this seems like it will take forever to achieve.  I have got as far as becoming familiar with video editing software, image editing software, and I am itching now to try out animation.  The hours in my day are sucked away and I feel it is time to sit still and breathe freely, and allow my dreams to form into some tangible specific and realistic goals.  Mostly time-realistic, as some things may just have to wait until other things are finished.  Some end dates will be helpful to open up some windows for the many things I wish to do.

Publishing requires some legal knowledge, and tax savvy, and an ISBN number.  Then lots and lots of marketing.  Hopefully, my blogs will provide a ‘marketplace’ or at least a word of mouth referral.

My colouring book will need to be original works not already published online, and of better quality than the 90dpi currently uploaded.  I am tossing up ideas on what to put into it besides just straight pictures.  I like the way that colouring is about creativity and also about healing.  Maybe I could ask to publish quotes from other people.  Or have an interview with a few, and add the transcripts to the book.

My mind is beginning to really sprout, visually, from the daily art routine.  I see colours differently, and compose pictures in my mind.  Including structures of geometric shapes.  My comprehension of spatial and physical properties is on the rise.  I am starting to dream in full vivid colour and clarity.


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  1. I wish you all the best Wildersoul Anna, wherever you go. At least you’ve set up shop. Now all you’s need to do is get to work 😉 ….you’re doing it anyways don’t let me chatting here get in the way…like the ideas by the way…


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