Colouring Book paperback plans…

For the next 10 days I have to restrict my internet usage… which forces my hand on focusing energy into my paperback colouring book.  I have given myself a deadline of 19 April to have it ready to publish with Amazon’s CreateSpace.

My major purpose in publishing this, is to be ready to publish my daughter’s novel and short story which are in the final stages of creation.  My book is kind of a warm-up run.  Technically I know what to do, and how.  The part I need to focus on is visualizing the finished book.  This includes specific layout, and choosing the pictures.

So… I may not post for a while.  Or, I may limit to posting one picture per day, and delaying replies to emails and comments until I have finished.  Next Friday!

The purpose of my book needs to be considered too, and I am leaning towards a homeschooling angle to the book.

I’ve taken great strides in figuring out a way to make a ‘portable’ income online.  There’s no telling how successful it will be, or not.  I bought a doodle art poster today.  $2.50 for one rather large poster, or a pad of six posters for $12.00.  It was at an Emporium.  This is giving me a vague estimate of worth.  I’m not really a great one for placing value on money.  I can already think of a bunch of people I would like to give the book away to as a gift.  I have never seen a paperback colouring book before and I am really quite in love with the idea.

Funny thing with the doodle art poster, is that I don’t want to colour it, in case I ruin it!  I want to hang it up somewhere to remind myself that people do like them, and buy them.  Just like me!  And it is not too expensive.  (I am not rich, money-wise).

I can tell that I am nervous about putting this book together, because I am finding it very hard to head off to sleep.

Tomorrow…. I will start in earnest.  Everything is set up ready for me to put into place.  If I finish early, I will blog about it.

Well, here goes!


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