My strange day…

Today was a strange one, I woke in a dizzy spin.  Ideas tangling and bursting inside my head with such urgency that I bolted upright and leapt out of bed.  Only to take a few steps and return to horizontal position to let the blood return to my brain.

I knew what to do with my blog and how to market my pictures.  What snagged me last night was the maximum file size of my finished paperback.  Without calculating it, I began to dread going over the limit.  400MB.

This was my bright idea:

Load colouring book pictures, A4 or US Letter-sized on to a private blog.  In PDF format.

On my usual blog, I add a sticky post inviting people to buy higher quality, larger pictures to colour in.

I offer the first five commenters who say ‘Yes please’ a lifetime membership to the Wildersoul Downloads page.  At least for the lifetime of the free Wildersoul Colouring Book which runs out sometime in the early months of 2014!  And their membership is FREE. They have access to all of the files to download for FREE.

Then I offer the next five commenters who say ‘Yes please’ a special deal.  I will email a PayPal invoice for US $2.99 to download as many files as they like for the lifetime of the free Wildersoul Colouring Book.  (Early 2014-ish)

All other commenters, I will email a PayPal invoice for US $180 for a lifetime membership, yes, until early 2014 which is the estimated lifetime of the free Wildersoul Colouring Book.

Or, if that sounds a bit steep, then I will offer an alternative of US $2.99 for a set of 4 high quality, larger-sized pictures which will be available from time to time.  This one is tricky as I think I would have to set up a second private blog to hold the set of four pictures.  It would be a bit like a ‘Soup of the Day.’

When someone replies with a ‘Yes, please’ in the comments, I can access their email address, or WordPress username from the Comments page in my Dashboard, and add that to the list of people who are allowed to access the private blog.  I think an invitation is sent to them by email, and when they go to the private blog, they can simply enter their usual WordPress login and password to get in.  I don’t see anyone’s passwords, that is all kept safe and secure with WordPress as usual.

Sounds all very good, and hopefully it would generate some interest and if I made $2.99 out of the whole deal I would be very happy.  I would really like to see if my PayPal account works!

Now I need to run this idea past WordPress support staff to see if it is okay to sell things on my private blog in this manner.  Maybe I might need to upgrade to a business account!  I hope not yet….. although, perhaps my time has come………  I will give them a link to this post.

Here’s hoping!

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  1. Sounds great! Please let me know how it turns out. I will be one of the first to comment with, ‘yes, please’. 🙂


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