I’m pretty sure I am getting sidetracked.  When I have only one week left to create a paperback colouring book!!


I found a different way to set up shop with WordPress.

What I have done is…….. set up free web hosting at, and loaded it with a blog.

Then I installed a free 14-day trial of a blog shop with WooCommerce, and tested it out. It works!  I ‘bought’ and downloaded a high quality PDF image of my ‘Seabirds.’  It printed beautifully.

The tax side of things might drive me bananas.  I will knuckle down and figure it out.  Then lastly I will get hold of a domain name.  Possibly a free one, such as, or an inexpensive

Meantime, I discovered that I won’t blow the limit of 400MB for my paperback, and the (free) LibreOffice program works fine and quick when there is nothing else going on in the background.  So it is all ready to fill up with 300dpi pictures for the paperback.


What I really love about *all* of these options, is that everything is FREE!

Back on track…

Tomorrow I will forget the blog shop, and start creating the paperback.  


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