Helpful Blog Stats on Search Engine Terms

I am stoked that visitors to my free online Colouring Book via search engines find my blog *relevant* to their search, with only one or two exceptions.

Have you ever made something for someone and then wondered if it was really wanted or needed?  That’s how I feel often with my colouring pictures. There are so many things that I could draw, and no real way of knowing what will appeal most.  I am not well-travelled with a stack of photos and memories of Venice canals or the Eiffel Tower, or those amazing animals roaming the plains of Africa to draw from.  I’m a close-to-home gal and most of my inspiration comes from my own garden and backyard.

This is a list  of Search Engine Terms that I want to treasure.  It confirms to me that I’m doing okay with my tags and categories, and that I’m ‘in demand!’ It also backs up my regulars who have encouraged me to do more nature pictures.  I am enthused now to do some landscapes, waterfalls, hibiscus flowers and other plants.  I had been holding off on the flowers with a shy sort of question in my mind, ‘Who would want to colour in flowers from my garden?’  What an eye opener.  I found this summary on my WordPress Stats page, under “Search Engine Terms; Summaries; All Time”

days of week
landscape coloring pages
landscape colouring book
shed coloring pages
free printable swan plant colouring pictures
black saturday
coloring circles
blank picture frame coloring sheet
frame coloring pages
wildersoul facebook
circles and squares and triangles art
mandala love colouring in sheets
colouring pictures of a shed
black saturday embroidery
landscape colour in pictures
coloring page landscape
circle for mandala
hibiscus colouring book
blank picture for colouring
coloring pages for adults paths
coloring triangle
little blank square
hibiscus vase
art colouring simple patterns
blank mandala
waterfall colouring in

This morning I have some new pictures to load up, and then I will begin loading my paperback pictures.  It is very exciting thinking of selling my Paperback Colouring Book on Amazon next week!  For the school holidays too – that could be very good timing!

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