The Plan


This is my plan for my paperback.  My mission now is to choose *which* pictures slot into *which* positions.  I have 32 pictures to select out of…. well… many!

I have decided right now, that I will look through and print out my favourites and note their filenames down.  Then I’ll sort them by hand.


Off to work. 🙂 PS – the above is not brainy-ness.  It is my memory scratching back to the mid-90’s when I worked in a desktop publishing/printing place.  The layup map shows which pages go together on the actual sheets of paper in the book, ie the first and last page are on one sheet of paper.  Whereas the twelve 2-page spreads are displayed the way we would look at the pages when flipping them in the book.  All of this goes out the window for e-books, which are designed for text scrolling down continuously…  And not really designed for colouring in…. 😉

If you want to use this sort of layout for your own picture-rich paperback, please be my guest.

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