The gym

Sweat wiped cleanly off with a swish

Huge machines eat me


I push them away

with my thighs,

swing at them with my arms

They come back for more.

Pedalling madly to nowhere

I am cornered, glued to the spot like a lead-weighted nightmare

My heart rate weak as an 80-year-old

I trudge uphill to plateau

With my back turned

on the silent, metal monsters.


My first visit to the gym today… Not something I ever aspired to do, and yet it seems right for now.  And perhaps for the winter.  If it goes well this week, it may become our home away from home.  My aim is to find out if I am incredibly fit with a low ‘athletic’ heart-rate, or if I am in danger of ‘death by over-exercising’ with an 80-year-old heart beating before its time….  Checking out ‘Fusion’ tomorrow, or some sort of movement to music…

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