Lavoro di Primavera

I can relate so much to this, although my body is not that old, it certainly doesn’t do as much as used to, and my heart breaks the same way when the flowers suffer.

Poesy plus Polemics


(Labors of Spring)


the last snow lingers

in broad shady patches

spring calling for chores

my hands used to love

but can no longer do


neglected beds break

my flower-loving heart

time for fresh plantings

with truckloads of mulch

and mounds of manure

fruit trees and limbs

lining acres of forest

need low and high pruning

along with new undergrowth

crowding my stream

dead leaning soldiers

need tow from my woods

for firewood chop

plowed grass edges cry

for newly turned seed

three stories of windows

could use a good wipe

winter sand and salt needs

be swept out and hosed

from garages and pavements

and tumbledown stones

want their seats back upon

my ancient rock walls


all in all

a nice bundle

of seasonal joys

for a vigorous eager

country air chomping

muscular man

who grew up in landscapes

of concrete and asphalt


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