A day is born

I awoke to a brightness shining in through the door.  I opened my heart to embrace it and it leapt away from me into the all encompassing sky.  Mirrors danced like magic hanging from strings from ephemeral clouds which dripped juice like cactus without the spines.  I climbed up into the air and stepped through beautiful rainbows created by the enormous crystals which floated softly by.

Which are you, whispered a dragonfly as it whirred like a whirligig and smiled sunnily.  A bumblebee dive-bombed and came up from under a daisy, which it drank through a straw.  I had no answer as I had not learned how to open my mouth.

Seven chairs lined up and six beautiful young girls sat atop combing their pearly-pink hair.  I floated effortlessly towards the seventh chair.  Blissful, bonny and blithe.


Actually I believe I was born on a Sunday…

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