Colouring Book compiled

Today my colouring book is ready to send off to CreateSpace for polishing and publishing.  (Phew!)

We are over our limit for internet here, so it’s text-only blogging where possible. (Gulp!)

There is something amazing about working at something you love, every day.  I’ve been making colouring pics since 8 February, and suddenly doors are opening that I would have lacked the confidence to walk through before.  This will be the first book I have ever published.  And I have plans to start illustrating a children’s book.  There is a cafe down the road with picture hooks ready to hang artwork on, with a very good commission rate (only 10%!).  I have committed to bringing some artwork down next Friday.  Maybe colouring book artwork!  (hehe)  I’m already thinking up ways of promoting the paperback.


I am resting from my hard work, and ready to enjoy reading some blogs before getting some shuteye.  Tomorrow will be fun!  I love work.  Can’t wait to see my book in print.  I can feel it in my hands already, and in my mind I can see myself handing them out to people so they can fill them full of colour.

I love the thought that it will turn into their very own book, bursting with their own colourful imaginations.

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  1. Congratulations! You have worked hard for this. I’m so proud for you. 🙂


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