Run ahead

Spot yer


Pig – a rasher of bacon

falls from the fool’s lips, uncooked, a rash word

sprouting itchy, red, rashy spots

hot on the tail of each rash whim


The one-liner writing prompt for today sprouted some interesting imagery!  And a weird form of poem.  Four lines of word association with the title ‘Rash.’  Then a turn and go backwards to ‘explain’ the meaning of each word back up to the top.  It happened that way because I thought the first four lines were a bit rude sitting there on their own, saying what they said.  (I have had my share of rash moments in life, and paid for it.  Mmm… and occasionally bacon with my eggs for breakfast!)  This poem could be called ‘beating myself up’ for those rash moments.

What does ‘Rash’ bring to mind for you?

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