Happy endings

The rain poured down torrentially

flooding neighbours and satiating trees

sinking dinghies

and overflowing tanks


And all I can think of is you


The sun shines tomorrow

On glittering oceans

and dazzling bright clouds

and the heat of drenched earth

sends steam drifting stickily

as I mop my brow


And think of you


People die

People cry

Sleep and smile

And all the while…


All I can think of is you


Love’s embrace

Carries me away

From harsh reality


Doors open

to unimagined worlds

I knew not

the meaning of free.


Winter approaches icily

with thin cold fingers

like frozen twigs

stiffened against the wind

The change comes fast

A cold snap




from my igloo


The bluest sky spreads out cloudless above

and all I can think of…


is the rain clearing

a gentle breeze walking with the sun

twin igloos

spring flowers pushing through delicate snow

Winter shaking off his coat, stomping off the snow

and warming to conversation with a hot mug of chocolate

which melts his heart

and releases souls trapped frozen in time

to leap out and stretch and grow

in time with the music in my heart

which always plays in the credits

as I watch this movie

with you.

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  1. cilliandervan

     /  Monday, 22 April 2013 at 10:53 am

    Just read this for the third time. I love the imagery. It’s so descriptive and really original. The quickening of pace in the middle is genius and really reflects a thought process before you slow it down again for the last reflective stanza! I really like this a lot 😀

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment! I am amazed that you’ve read it three times. I am quite a rusty poet and I felt like I was loosening up with this one, so thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, I really appreciate that!


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