Wrestling with my Cover

Midnight candle burning

well into the morn

My eyes are very weary

My body very worn


I wrestle with the bitmaps

the S.V.G. and Ping

Wrap it up in P.D.F.

Wrap it up and fling…


My book is struggling to be born

though obstacles be many

Knock the Cover out for six

and hope to make a penny!


The battle-weary make-a-book blues….. 🙂

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  1. I’m looking forward to this “baby” of yours, such birthpains!

    • Yes, I am setting up new logos and covers as we speak. It is tiring, just like pregnancy, and yeah, birth pains! I hope there is the joy that follows. Actually, I think it’s not ready to be born just yet, needs a bit more time in the womb!


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