Not ‘fraid o’ yer

I’m not afraid of you

Your terror – all undone

Picked apart like children

unravel knitted wool


I fear not what you do

No sting in what you say

Your motivation obvious

When seen in light of day


I’m not afeared o’ yer

Yer blinking stinking deeds

Why do you sit there still

where past corruption bleeds?


Can you see a window?

A light through crack shines through

Illuminates your upturned face

Calls you with its glow


There is a world out here

with blue sky

after rain

Comfort and forgiveness

And soothing from the pain


I’m not afraid of you

Nor anything you’ve done

Come out of all that darkness

A child of Day become.


When fear is obsolete, and darkness is a small shadow that scurries to hide when the sun comes out to shine.


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