Overdone it

Went beyond my 50%

Immunity lay back like an old man

in the swinging chair

soaking up sunshine

out the back.



Chickens in the garden

pecking up the corn

Pox on me

for trying too hard

those mocking words

to scorn.


Itchy eyes

and earache

fever, headache, too

Keep company

with blisters

and swell my head, they do.


(Not with pride –


Encephalitis, it warns

can barge in with Pneumonia

and take my soul by storm.


So I’ve drawn up my drawbridge

Set alligators in my moat

Closed the portcullis



and slipped back off to bed.


I am guessing I have come down with chickenpox.  Overdone things a bit.  I am eating curiously strong peppermints by the handful like an irresistable craving.  And found out this morning that it sends the virus running.  Actually it kills the nasty virus. Hehehe…. So it wasn’t a sugar addiction after all.  Peppermint apparently takes the headache away.  I thought I was getting a headache from coming off a sugar high!  Mmm… peppermints…. here I come!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs

    • Thank you! By the way, the paperback is almost ready, and there is a way to get one for zero dollars. I’ll see if I can give a bit of advance warning when it is on special! Big hugs too (the non-infectious kind!) 😉

  2. Peppermints couldn’t keep my own bugs away…


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