King of Happiness, the True Knight

This one is for Opinionated Man in reply to his poem of knights and dragons… (

King of Happiness
Desires Fruition

Lords over the world

Astride mountains of gold
He murderously stole
From the True Knight’s Master

The world bows down
Offers flesh and crown
for coveted dragon delights

The jaws of a trap
In wicked grin
snap shut
as another falls in.

Many Bold Knights
don armour to fight
as if the gold were their own

Cold green eyes
burn hate and rage
as True Knight falls away

Leaving cold-hearted glory
and Fortuitous story
and a dragon he battled today

His Master knows
The Life Span
of a Dragon

How quickly he is slain
and eaten by fiery flame

No revenge remains
The King has seen his Justice.


Your MaJesty, the jester’s tears will be tears of joy.

Adding the audio of The Jester Cries…  (Copyright The Opinionated Man, all rights reserved.)

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  1. Nice, but where was the dragon? heh. 😉

  2. I think the audio you sent me is listed under your private collection because I cannot access it. 🙂


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