Higher Purpose

I yearn
  to become
  So lost in the moment
 I forget
  to pretend who I am

To shine like a star
  Authentically me

To love so completely
  that there are no attachments


 To become unaware that anyone is watching

To lose my distrust
  To feel safe

 To be in union
      With the True Power
              of Life Itself

To make a True Friend
    and Be a True Friend.

   To trust.


This is a poem I wrote over five years ago, and I came across it when pulling things out of my ‘Self Employed Info” box. I’m almost there. It’s not so much of a yearning now, as much has come into being in my life.

Also buried in my box full of papers were goals I wrote in 2008, which I have reached. Finding all of you here on WordPress has filled one of those goals! I’m feeling pretty good about being here in amongst you all!

I frightened myself yesterday believing I had to be in full-time employment in two weeks. Actually I have one month, which is a little better! I have a stack of people to get in touch with today, IRD, BizInfo, Chamber of Commerce, Creative NZ, and the Arts Access Aotearoa if they still exist! First – feed the brain some lunch.

The most wonderful things can happen by ordinary contact with everyday friends. With one knock at our front door, my son sold something, and I received contacts for a good local print shop, and someone who may have a market for a tonne of colouring books. (Daycare centres!)

All the best for your goals and adventures in life!


Wordle Wednesdays

I love Wordle Wednesdays, even though I’m too early or too late! Great fun engaging the brain in this way. My poem is included in the comments 🙂 Thanks Kira! And sorry I was late :\

Pain 24/7

This guy has some interesting info on pain.  It’s on YouTube, and has subtitles, and also a complete transcript written in the description.  So if you are blind, deaf or don’t want to view the video, or hear the audio, you can still read what he said in the interview.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o01iVyeo8lg

He also says some things here – http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/8137659/Painkiller-use-leaps-as-Kiwis-age

What do you think?  Have you heard this sort of thing before?

Brilliant Ideas, and Mothers…

I am catching on to OM’s brilliant idea (see http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/05/26/a-brilliant-idea/) and am starting to produce pictures that don’t make it on to my free online colouring book.  Although they are not destined for an ebook, I am getting used to not sharing them.  Sounds strange?

Everything I draw each day, I have shared for the last, oh, about three months now?  And it has been astounding where this daily drawing habit has led me.  Not only to holding my own colouring book in my hands.  There are people whose names I recognise and whose comments I look forward to reading every day.  And a huge truckload of interesting people I would like to get to know better.

For a hermit like me, this is astounding progress.

My mind spins with thoughts of where I could go with publishing, and art, and poetry, and blogging…  and then it hits me.  The true joy that comes when one child receives something and loves it.  And I know, deep in my heart, that all else is a distraction and something that I am trying to fill my life with to hide the emptiness.  I truly would love to marry and become a mother all over again.  Only this time, (my heart groans), *with* a husband, not without.  Life is not on pre-order, and arrives as an unexpected delivery at times.  And sometimes comes with insufficient postage which I am indebted to pay.  I felt joy today.  And it has brought tears to my eyes.

I’m off for a cry.


Short poem



Not quite there

I tiptoe





Peer up close





I am no more.


Today is cold, not freezing.  Between 4 and 11 degrees. (C)  There is a lot to do and I am tired from yesterday.  The heater is warming my feet, and has already warmed the room.  Wrenching myself away from WordPress.  There is an awful lot to do.  Perhaps just one picture before I depart… (see you at wildersoul.wordpress.com)


One Hat

Two Hat

Three Hat



One for the Father

One for the Friend

One for the Husband

and One for Men.


Must admit I had a writing block, and decided to write anyway with a one-liner poetry prompt, “Hat.”  Reminds me of Dr Seuss at the start.


You are all the things I love

Artist, poet, conversational friend.

Mind on a higher plane


Then I look around at

the others who bear the name, yet they

are really not the same


What is the bond

we share?


Have you ever found someone and you love them for who they are, and then you start wondering what it is that causes such love?  And anytime it is named, there are a handful of others who bear that name (such as ‘artist’) and yet the love is not in the name.

Have you ever loved someone, and it isn’t about their looks, or what they can or cannot do?  There are others who have those looks, and they simply are not you.  Life takes unexpected turns and what can or cannot be done today, may not be true tomorrow.

Have you ever dreamed of babies?  And they wouldn’t look the same, if you were not the other parent?

Have you ever loved, and lost?  And continued to love, anyway?

Signing off for today.  See you all again tomorrow night. 🙂

Faded memory

You fade


my life has brightened

You fade

because you’re empty and

my life is now filled

You fade


my life moves to far horizons

You fade


My life refreshes my memory.

My faded memory

is you.


Sometimes there are people who create a gash in my tender mind.  Those people fade away, and there is a healing place in my mind to welcome someone new.


Stuffy nose

Dry thick throat

Swollen tongue

muscles ache

heavy head



I remember you



memories of sunshine

through golden fringe


through smiling



you and I

look the same

and now I memorize

your name

from faded photo

black and white


you are not

my brother.


delicate… balance

incomprehensible complexity

in every grain of sand

every subtle breath of wind

through every fleeting, lucid moment.


It’s DIRT-y


TreaD it DOWN.

Pierce it, Flag it

Mark it as Owned-



balance upturned

scales of justice



for the blood lost

for the innocent

for the pure





will see

the balance



Precious jewel in the sky

our earth turns

in time



and then

They are gone.



a miracle sigh