A true life story

As usual, a walk at the end of the day, to appreciate the Autumn sun before it sank early.  What a beautiful sky…  I took a photo of it to complete the cover of my book.  We ate and watched the sun play on the water winding its way from the rocks to the receding waterline.

We bypassed the mud, although I wanted to squish it between my toes and leave puddles for the mudcrabs to play in.  Floods polluted the water so it’s not okay to play in it today.

Thirsty, we detoured through the school for a drink which we never drank.  For there before us, was a treasure!  A classroom stuffed into a giant skip.  Almost instantly I spotted a pinboard..  On closer inspection, three of them! Perfect.

Almost half an hour later, two pinboards were carefully levered and heaved from the skip.  The last one had nothing for leverage and the weight of everything else pressed it hard to the end of the skip.  Appearing out of nowhere, a big man with flashing blue eyes lent a welcome hand and the last pinboard came out with euphoric cheer.  I’m sure he was trying not to laugh!

What a sight we must have been, carrying pinboards home on our heads, arms outstretched…  along with a couple of good old-fashioned projector screens.  Our movie-making room is taking form.  Storyboards to pin up.  A green screen to project as a background.

We go back tomorrow to lay claim to a projector or three.  I’m sure some sort of lighting could be engineered, with bright coloured cellophane…


That’s our excitement for the day.  Now it’s time to watch a movie about kids putting the world right after uncovering a little of its madness.

‘night for now, all.

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