Teaching Poetry – 1%

Spontaneous Creativity – this is something that may catch on big time, like a wildfire through the creative WordPress community!

Spontaneous Creativity

Teaching poetry is one of the simplest tasks in existence and yet teachers especially those akin to the sub I endured today butcher the art. This sub literally picked up the pages left on my teacher’s desk and wasted the entire class basically having us guess the exact words my teacher chose to utilize in her example poetry commentary. Most of these words were of petty worth and the majority of them were close synonyms to the rest. This is what I call teaching 1%. In my mind about 30% of teaching poetry is being able to accurately criticize any poem despite the work’s apparent power while another 30% falls into what my actual, current teacher prides herself in – being able to accurately pinpoint the elements from which a poem draws it’s power, everything that is effective about the poem, and the other 39% is what I admire most, complete…

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