Paperback Colouring Book available now!

Hey everyone, my colouring book has become a paperback overnight!  Have a peek at it in the eStore.

Now I am working on creating a very short video of Space Face, based on one of my colouring book pictures which was brought to life by C.p. Singleton42’s wonderfully quirky imagination.

I have a great list of things to work through, in no particular order:

1. Illustrate a book of Chris’ nonsense poems

2. Learn about marketing and selling paperbacks, online and in person.

3. Upload artwork daily – I feel a flood of geometric drawings coming up.  Actually I never quite know what will come next!

4. Read blogs and comment

5. Read ‘Women Who Think Too Much’ by Jeanne Marie

6. Write poetry daily, within reason

7. Visit my parents for a couple of weeks and show them the joys of high-speed internet

8. Catch up on the laundry after some torrential rain, thunder and lightning and gale force winds.  Autumn is truly upon us.

Eight is enough – it’s midnight and time for sleep, and I will see if I can squeeze out a poem before retiring.

{Edited 50mins later – I knew there was another one for the list!   9. Read Running Son’s progression of poems at}

[Edited again Wed 8 May – 10. Also want to make some artwork for the cafe down the road.  Anyone else want to try making colourful picture frames out of papier mache?  The picture stays on the wall (or poem) and the frame is bought and carried out of the cafe! )  Hee hee, it appeals to me]

(Edited Thu 8 May – 11. Set up my shop blog.  12. Read about Antiochian Orthodox. 13. Learn animation software. 14. Change book description for

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