Ever wonder what I’m reading?

There are a few blogs I read.

And many others I have bookmarked to read later.

I am wealthy in words!

My bookshelves are digital

and generosity

is easy

Here –

I will share a link.

Actually, a few!

Radioactive Eyeball

HarsH ReaLiTy

Free Minds Book Club

The Musings of C.p. Singleton’s Mind

My Tropical Home

The Asifoscope

The RunningFather Blog

PoemTherapy Project

Eight is enough for now.  I am off to get some shuteye.


PS. Now I am very curious and want to ask, “Who do you read?”



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  1. A lot of blogs, too, including yours!!! Thanks for the shout-out. Hope you enjoyed your shut-eye 😉

  2. Thank you for reading the PoemTherapy blog 🙂 and thank you for including me in this post!


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