Reflect back

my actions


Love or Malice

Mend or Break

my faulty heart

Spanner thrown in

Not a design fault

I reflect my



Like a clone.

I am human

I carry the name

I carry the shame


I am forgiven.


(Inspired by OM’s poem at

I can’t help being human.  Along with mulling over OM’s poem on humanity, I also read something on ‘becoming’ (by a blogger I am thankful for and cannot remember the name of!) and started to think about the power of stating ‘I am.’  Then I related it to what I know of prayer.  It related to believing that we will receive what we ask for in prayer.  I pray to become filled with love, in Jesus’ name.  His life is worth *all* of ours, so he paid our death penalty, if we believe that he did.  The statement ‘I am’ is not a whimsical affirmation. ‘I am forgiven’ becomes true because I believe I AM.  I believe I have already received, so my prayer to ‘become’ filled with love, is actually “I AM filled with love.”  Amen is ‘so be it,’ signing it off as a done deal.  It is already done.

The proviso to ‘I am forgiven’ is ‘as I forgive others who wrong me.’  And the next proviso is ‘if they come to me and say they repent.’

My heart is pure if I am Ready to forgive.  It is clouded over with anger if I am Not.

I am filled with love.

I am One with Love.

I Am Love.

Anyway – that is what brewed in my mind overnight while I slept, and this poem ‘Reflect’ distilled this morning when I woke.  A poem is a man of few words.  And he is a massive man of thought.

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