Higher Purpose

I yearn
  to become
  So lost in the moment
 I forget
  to pretend who I am

To shine like a star
  Authentically me

To love so completely
  that there are no attachments


 To become unaware that anyone is watching

To lose my distrust
  To feel safe

 To be in union
      With the True Power
              of Life Itself

To make a True Friend
    and Be a True Friend.

   To trust.


This is a poem I wrote over five years ago, and I came across it when pulling things out of my ‘Self Employed Info” box. I’m almost there. It’s not so much of a yearning now, as much has come into being in my life.

Also buried in my box full of papers were goals I wrote in 2008, which I have reached. Finding all of you here on WordPress has filled one of those goals! I’m feeling pretty good about being here in amongst you all!

I frightened myself yesterday believing I had to be in full-time employment in two weeks. Actually I have one month, which is a little better! I have a stack of people to get in touch with today, IRD, BizInfo, Chamber of Commerce, Creative NZ, and the Arts Access Aotearoa if they still exist! First – feed the brain some lunch.

The most wonderful things can happen by ordinary contact with everyday friends. With one knock at our front door, my son sold something, and I received contacts for a good local print shop, and someone who may have a market for a tonne of colouring books. (Daycare centres!)

All the best for your goals and adventures in life!


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  1. Welcome to a new friend: Wildersoul | Wildersoul Colouring Book | Hey Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite!

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