Add a Something Flash Fiction.

Here’s a boost to get creative with some buddies in your spare time. Let go of control of the narrative, and enjoy or look on in horror at where the story ends! For those who believe in having a bit of a laugh. By the way, breaking the rules really means you can break the rules. Be creative! Write only one word. Or ten. It can be nonsense, that’s fine. Let’s get rid of any writer’s blocks and get the words flowing from the brain, prompting others to follow suit.

Choose a Title:

  1. Chainsaws Bite.
  2. Whose Dog Ate That?
  3. The Piano Thief.

150 Words Flash Fiction

The first person writes the first 50 words.

The second person writes the second 50 words.

The third person writes the third 50 words.

That makes the Beginning, the Middle, and the End.


Anyone can contribute a photograph or picture to go at the top of the story.

Rules can be broken.

More than one story can be started at a time. Choose a title, and get started, and then join in on other beginnings, or middles, or ends. You’re welcome to add them here as comments, or start them on your own blog and link here to attract others to join in on your blog.

I’ll comment below to get it all started. Hmmmm…. which title will I choose….. oh, feel free to choose your own title and get started like that!

On the Joy or Tragedy of Parenthood

I am a tree
that grew a strong shoot
that bends into a bow

The Knot whence owl had flown
My quiver of a single arrow.

In Spring I blossom forth
produce fruit that bends my bough
Take Aim
at far horizon
and release my pent-up arrow

If it were true
my joy is replete
as leaves
Fall and coldness
slows my blood

Am I a tree
that grew a chainsaw?

Its Loud Promise
brings Gory Mess
as it Roars to Life
in Season.

Come listen to music with me

Here’s the link.

You can suggest songs, or upvote songs to move them up the queue.

Can even make comments / chat.

Here’s the link.!/wildersoul/broadcast


Why do I do it? Hehehehe


Gotta get better.

Here’s my morning warm up, and then a bit of blues. Yeah it  comes out different every time…

Over on the sidebar – there on the right – at the top, you can click on the link and share your sounds with me at SoundCloud.

What are you practising at home? A bit o’ guitar? A dabble on piano? Fantastic live music at your local jam night? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.

Let’s get creative!

The Boring Poet, Excited Artist

Poetry has gone out the window

as colouring books fly

left and right.


The Artist is shouting

free colouring pics

on a black and white blog


and shouting Colouring Pics!

from the top of her Sellbox

to all passersby


All day she labours hard

to give birth to the physical form of

thoughts and feelings

dreams and ideas
At last,

she rests.

Her work has been shared.


In case you hadn’t heard a tweet, here are two colouring books I am very pleased with. They’re a bit different from your standard. And of course once you have bought and downloaded them, you can print them again and again.  I am focusing on moods or emotion now. Sadness, and Comfort.  Love it if you would visit the best shop I’ve come across yet for selling my own digital files. So easy! And let me know what you think.

#sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort #sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Wake me up Blues – no singing… yet!

Practicing my scales…. this is the first one I ever learned… and the only one I know.

I’m not embedding the widget as I reckon it slows down my blog if I have too many of them all on the front page. So here’s a link to my quick bit of blues after breakfast. Always a different tune.

{EDIT: Oh the widget jumps straight out of the link and on to the page! Uncontainable! Rustle up Plan C}

Tell you what, it really does get me to practise, and what a laugh getting it wrong and starting over 16 times! By the end of the year I hope to know some more scales off by heart. And have some songs to sing.

Comfort via Sellbox

Such a relief.

Sellbox is the easiest and most relevant way I have found to sell my digital products straight from my blog, or other social media.

Have a quick peek if you like, because you might want to start selling your work the same way.

All that is needed is a DropBox account.

A PayPal account.

And a Sellbox account.

It’s as easy as uploading a file to DropBox, and putting a price on it.

I am stoked.

Sellbox takes 5%, and PayPal (at least for me!) takes about 30c + 2.9%

Now I really want to see what happens when someone buys my Comfort colouring book. It has five pages, ready to print out and colour in. Plus a cover sheet, which has all five pics on it. You can colour that too if you want!

Check it out – Comfort 

Hope it brings you comfort too.


Morning Blues

Short and sweet, all over in half a minute, I feel good!

Mebbe one day I will play and sinG a sonG. (Why are you running away?) Hehe.

Good morning all, I wish you a wonderful day!


Maid in Bedlam

I like this!

“I love my love, because I know my love loves me”

I signed up for GoodReads, and found that my favourite books that came to mind, were audio books, or stories I had heard over the radio as a kid.

This is leading me down a different path of thought… and I started exploring SoundCloud to see if I could find the elusive thing I am searching for, seeking, on the verge of finding.

There is so much potential in blogland, and when connected with social media…. to make something amazing.

Something new.

Something not done before.

I seek…

and I will find.

Laughing, giggling, 400 times a day?

Have you had your share of giggles today?

Here’s a Youth Radio show I found while scouting out SoundCloud. I’m playing it in the background while I work.

I like the way Joy is described as being different from Happy-ness. Not just putting on a happy face.

Show us the joy…..