I want to colour so much

I’m breaking my rule of keeping my own colouring in off the blog… Well, it is on my poetry blog, and they are older drawings, so hopefully no-one will notice it too much! I like people to have their own ideas about what to do with their ‘blank canvas.’  Or not so blank canvases…!


This was called ‘A little birdie told me…’


My mum coloured the top right pic, and wrote a poem to go with it…

This old world goes
'Round and round
'Round and round
'Round and round
This old world goes
round and round

Oh dear. It was nice sitting and colouring together. I sometimes wonder if that’s what video chat might be good for – a bit of colouring with company!

I want to colour the Celtic knot I just drew, and the printer is in a room where someone is sleeping, so I am restraining myself… I will go get some more sleep, and do some colouring tomorrow. Do you sometimes get such a strong urge to colour something? To brighten something up… to be creative?  And the urge is blocked?

Hmm – I’m going to colour a blank bit of paper…

(Edit:  I forgot to add this link – http://www.creativetherapies.co/ There’s a description of art therapy, etc)

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    • For me too! I finished another copy of “A little birdie told me…” and I am scanning now and will upload soon. I want to give an idea how the same colouring pic can look completely different, depending on how it is coloured, or what drawings are added to it. Also, I have the germ of an idea, that perhaps my coloured in artwork may sell… or at least lead me on to painting, one little step at a time. It feels like slowly coming out of my shell!

  1. I love the contrast you show – the blank before and the colorful after.

    • Thank you – I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to show it or not, and decided it was okay to put on my writing blog. Have you seen the colouring pics on my wildersoul.wordpress.com blog? Please feel free to print and colour as you please. 🙂


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