Businessmen and Colourful Art

Today I meet with a businessman. I’ll show him what I’m doing here at Wildersoul, and he will tell us what his association can do for us.  I am wondering if all this might come down to grants and sponsorship, rather than making a profit.  We’ll see.

I would like to fund it myself with sales of my own artwork. That would be pretty cool.

So – here’s a start to doing more colourful artwork: I have started colouring in my own work, and this will hopefully lead to many more colourful adventures!

celtic triangle coloured 300dpi scan


This was coloured from the Celtric triangle artwork on my Wildersoul Colouring Book.




I am still on track with uploading free artwork for the year. Only 8 months to go…

If you would like your own 6 x 9″ paperback with pictures to colour (they are quite small, so easy to colour in a short space of time, giving a sense of completion quite quickly.)  Then pop over to Amazon and search for Wildersoul Colouring Book. 🙂 The book is quite portable, ideal for whipping out and colouring a pic on a lunchbreak, or while waiting for public transport…

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