Home in Rainbows – Full of Colour!

I’ve started colouring my own artwork, and decided to keep on with it.  I’ll load them here to start with, and also invite you all to visit Art Is The Cure at http://www.artisthecure.com/ where many other artists, poets and all sorts of creative types gather with a focus on the healing aspect of the arts. I’ve set up a profile there with this pic uploaded for starters. More to follow.

rainbow houses cropped 600x444 300dpi home in rainbows

I hope that seeing these pics coloured in provides inspiration.  I will keep them off the colouring book part of my blog, as I believe that the colouring is personal, and I like that you can zoom through and choose a black and white pic that catches your eye.  It is a starting point, and the real creativity happens when you pick up your own pencil or crayon and courage to mark the page, or your mind fills with poetry… or gives birth to a song, or a movie!  Let loose and let the creativity flow 🙂

Happy Colouring to you!

Anasera / WilderSoul

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