Ok – so this is Business Therapy!

Overnight I hatched a realisation about my business. I will keep blogging about my entry into self-employment as it seems to have its own therapeutic effect on me. So I will share the journey.

First some background into my situation. Through lack of wisdom I ended up with two babies to look after on my own. After some years I figured out the life or death nature of this situation, and worked hard to correct the error of my ways.  Now, my children are teenagers, and soon to embark on their own journeys…  And I must plan my own future.

My deepest longing, besides oneness with our Creator, is to be wife and mother. Now… I am getting older and my would-be husband also… so I face the possibility of once again raising children on my own. (If life takes a turn for the worse, and I am left bereft and alone.)

So – this is the realization: My business must provide an income for me when I am raising children alone.  If I am not alone, well that is a bonus.  The nitty gritty is that my business must be capable of supporting me and my children.  If I marry and my husband earns enough to provide for us all, then my business income could go into savings.  That savings would be an emergency fund for the same purpose – to provide for me and my children if I am left on my own.  I am sure a loving husband would understand this. (Some don’t like their wives to have their own income or savings.)

My income must rely on me alone, and not anyone else. Not a joint venture, or partnership.  It is like a marriage – there is the possibility that the other partner may not be there one day – and then where is my business? It no longer achieves its purpose of providing an income for me and my children, if I am once again alone.

My business must be portable. It is not guaranteed that we live in one house for the rest of our lives.  I cannot build a business that relies on physical location and connections.  The internet is ideal as I can connect to it from many locations.

It must be EASY for me to do every day.  Sounds lazy? It isn’t. My business must make use of talents or skills that I find EASY. Because when up all night, and changing nappies and doing laundry and cooking and cleaning up after babies and children all day, (never mind the many other things involved in family life) I will not have a lot of time or energy to do something incredibly HARD, or STRESSFUL.  I am not into going mad, or failing.

So, I must have a portable income, involving easy work I can do over the internet, all by myself alone.  This will give me incredible peace of mind as I step out into life. Any other kind of work is like dangling a sword over my head, knowing that circumstances may put me in the same sole parenting position again. (Not only by my own mistakes – there are rapists out there too!)

This peace of mind is what I call “Business Therapy.”

Here I am diving in!  Next: My one-page business plan.  I will hatch it on the next post…

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from and I also want the same things wrt the income/business. Praying for you as you embark on this journey. 🙂


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