The Weekend Saunters In…

The weekend saunters in

takes a seat

with jovial confidence

Helps him-


to some-

thing to eat.

I curl up warm in

the absence of

a cat. Purr and

fall asleep.


A poem practice with splitting words and sentences across lines. Noticed it has an effect on rhythm, and is conducive to slipping in double meanings.

I’ll call this poem therapy – I enjoy the healing effects of a bit of creativity each day. The drawing and colouring really do it for me. I want to ramp up the writing now, and see what effect it has. Also – my business therapy continues, bumpily, and I foresee that selling larger value stuff will be very important.

Well,there’s an extra motivator to edit stories and publish them! And also to paint. The animations and short films become important too. And collaborations – especially as a long-term thing. The royalties make for a passive income later on.  I guess the ideal would be to make an artwork that just keeps on selling as a print. So my focus becomes to make an artwork that everyone loves.  That’s what my daily drawings find out for me.  Seems that round pictures, symmetrical, with geometric shapes, of something from nature are quite popular and I enjoy making them. Just remembered today how much I really wanted to move into portrait and figure art, and sculpture.

There is time for everything. Photography, film and animation have always fascinated me too. So I will plan for much creativity, and let it all unfold.

As for my one-page business plan – I am stuck on the purpose. Long-term purpose is to create a passive income. I would like it to be open to becoming a family business. And it is all about encouraging creativity.  I have to be careful not to inject fears into my goal setting!

Shorter term goals, are to support myself and my teenagers as best I can.

Medium term goal, I would love to travel, and take my business with me – completely portable.

On a personal front – I would like to be wife and mother… and it will be slow going, as it will take getting to know someone, and finding someone with compatible beliefs and values. So I reckon I would have to place this as a really long-term goal.  And that’s okay.

There! That’s done. The only part left for my one page plan is getting the numbers to add up! What to sell, at what price, to meet costs of living.  Smaller goals to start with – such as to sell five itty bitty $1.40 colouring pics!

Hee hee…. I’ll get there. It’s my testing ground here in WordPress. I will find my niche.

Meantime: Did you know the Wildersoul Colouring Book is on sale at Amazon? (Yes buy it! Buy it now! Ha ha – yes I would like you to do it! hee hee) Here’s a link to some crayons in case you don’t have any. Crayola Crayons Colour Pack, 8 Colours/Box.   I use Faber Castell colouring pencils although I notice they cost a bit more than the crayons! Although, I see some are sold new for just a couple of dollars. Depends what’s in stock! Amazon is pretty cool when you have free shipping.