Butterflies and bumblebees

My new Esty shop has butterflies and bumblebees for sale, neatly packed into colouring books that are printable and downloadable. It took me four hours today to create and upload them all, with a sample on my blog and Butterfly Woman‘s blog, and a Twitter and Facebook update.  I’m getting used to how the shop works, and how quick the pages load.  The PayPal works well, and Etsy tests that out for me at the start, so I feel secure and confident about it.

I visited the tax office, and feel relieved that it is much easier than I expected.  I don’t need to keep records of every single person who buys stuff.  A total for the month is fine, and Amazon and Etsy and PayPal all provide monthly reports so – sweeeet.

Thinking of it like a fish n’ chip shop, and tallying up the till.

I’ll change my WuFoo form so it doesn’t collect billing details.

Right. That’s my update.  The shop really does seem ‘live’ now. Even though I haven’t sold anything yet!

Let you in on a secret. I really like to give the colouring pictures for free online here. (wildersoul.wordpress.com) And all of this setting up shop carry-on, is like a non-stressful test run to get ready to sell other stuff……. won’t think about it too much yet. Don’t want to freak myself out!

Meantime – my canvas textured paper is still sitting on my desk, ready to start on a portrait in acrylics.  And my new confidence with building PDFs and uploading them for sale, is spurring me on to create an illustrated book of poems.  I have tried some very basic HTML in a text file, and tested it out in a browser window. It works. The pictures look enormous.  Then when I pull the whole thing into Kindle and preview it, the image sizes reduce to fit on the page. I haven’t perfected getting them the right size to go with the text. That’s my next mission. (I’m working on it, CP!)



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