Arriving – brightly in the sky!

This is my weekend attempt at colouring in. I’m hiding it over here on my poetry blog… perhaps wishing that a poem might sprout up beside it one day!



The original colouring pic is part of a series called Comfort. There were about 20 of them drawn in one day.





Our printer ran out of toner, so I traced  the picture very gently from the screen on to a piece of paper. Turned out okay! Had to be careful not to puncture the soft LCD screen!

You could of course, just squiggle a shape, and then turn it into a picture of your own.  It is amazing the many different ideas that can come from the same squiggle.  I used coloured pencils, a pack of 12. Rainbow colours are a good use of the limited number of colours.  I get to blend each colour over the next a little. The black dotty bits are from an ink pen.

This picture is not on the Wildersoul Colouring Book blog. It might be a secret only to be found here!

Have fun with colour! Light up the sky with your rainbow!


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  1. I had a lovely visit with your picture and he told me his story…I jotted it down below…

    Peppertree Muggles Amazing Mustache

    Peppertree Muggles grew up in black and white
    In the pages of a journal bound whisperingly tight
    He’d jump from one to the other, seeking the best
    Crested wave crackling, away from the rest

    From the top of his wiry fly away head
    To his long-legged toes colored grey from the lead
    He had one special feature of which he was proud
    A magnificent mustache that face did enshroud

    On a journeyful quest that lasted all night
    He happened upon, in dawns budding light
    A consciousness stream that bubbled and fed
    An ocean of dreams so named Atozed

    A zebra’d kayak lay neglected on the shore
    Its bottom scraped from tiny rocklings galore
    Still seaworthy, it beckoned Peppertree in
    And they set off upon an engaging waves grin

    Paddling across that sea washed silvery
    By a slip of moon basking in chivalry
    Peppertree Muggles felt the need to sleep
    Lulled by rocking several fathoms deep

    When later he woke, he found they’d slipped off the page
    And stepped onto a saturated stage
    One hundred and thirty-three ladies Crayola
    The first to say hi was Miss Cherrie Bliss Cola

    They gathered encircled, excited, and entranced
    At the sound of a flute they started to dance
    He changed partners guess how many times?
    Good fortune was his, he was still in his primes

    All sweetly admired his most marvelous mustachio
    The last of these was Emma-Greene-Jeans Pistachio
    Before partnering away, each one did him grace
    By bestowing a kiss on his hairy-fied face

    He relayed me this story over cakes and a cuppa
    And wondered if I’d still be there for supper
    The best memory I take on my next road with me
    His amazing mustache reflecting back from his tea

    by k of k&p Catalano
    ‘♩♬♪♪♫♩Wouldn’t you like to be a PIBBER too?♩♬♪♪♫♩’


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