Wake me up Blues – no singing… yet!

Practicing my scales…. this is the first one I ever learned… and the only one I know.

I’m not embedding the widget as I reckon it slows down my blog if I have too many of them all on the front page. So here’s a link to my quick bit of blues after breakfast. Always a different tune.

{EDIT: Oh the widget jumps straight out of the link and on to the page! Uncontainable! Rustle up Plan C}

Tell you what, it really does get me to practise, and what a laugh getting it wrong and starting over 16 times! By the end of the year I hope to know some more scales off by heart. And have some songs to sing.

Comfort via Sellbox

Such a relief.

Sellbox is the easiest and most relevant way I have found to sell my digital products straight from my blog, or other social media.

Have a quick peek if you like, because you might want to start selling your work the same way.

All that is needed is a DropBox account. https://www.dropbox.com/

A PayPal account. https://www.paypal.com/

And a Sellbox account. https://sellboxhq.com/

It’s as easy as uploading a file to DropBox, and putting a price on it.

I am stoked.

Sellbox takes 5%, and PayPal (at least for me!) takes about 30c + 2.9%

Now I really want to see what happens when someone buys my Comfort colouring book. It has five pages, ready to print out and colour in. Plus a cover sheet, which has all five pics on it. You can colour that too if you want!

Check it out – Comfort http://sbx.sk/A6SN 

Hope it brings you comfort too.