Come listen to music with me

Here’s the link.

You can suggest songs, or upvote songs to move them up the queue.

Can even make comments / chat.

Here’s the link.!/wildersoul/broadcast

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  1. I’m not sure how it works exactly?!? I do like Brook Fraser 🙂

    • Oh goody, so do I. I will put some more of her songs on to my Wildersoul FM broadcast. Sounds serious doesn’t it! I might make it a Friday night thing, or more likely it will spontaneously happen and fall into some sort of habit. I’m pretty sure when I send out invites, you can click on the link and it takes you straight to my radio station. And you can hear what’s playing, and see the names of the songs on the playlist. And there is a chat thingy so you we can do comments and replies just like here.

      Also, you can make suggestions of what to play next. I would love to expand my musical taste, and listen to stuff that others suggest.

      Hope you might join in next time 🙂


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