Got those Morning Wake me up Blues……

That’s it… I’ve decided to wake up with music in my bones, so I grabbed the old gat and strummed out a choon. Nothing too serious, man, with daily practice I hope to improve. Maybe you’ll wake up and play guitar too. Or spoons. Or clap out a rhythm on your chest of drawers. Holler a Wake me Up ballad into the sleepy twittering in the pure morning skies… be inspired….

Don’t get too serious!

Top o’ the morning to yer!

The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker

The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Susan does some amazing work with art, kids, and education. I like her views on colouring books, and the Anti-Coloring Book® series she created.

There’s nothing like a good SCRIBBLE.

Happy Scribbling!


via The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Blogscapades and Taming the Wild Thing


Hot ToPiC: How do you DO stuff on your BloG?

DiSclaiMer: Me no eXpert! Me just show u wot i do.

ReMemBer: Look up WordPress Support and Forums

What’s on the Menu?

Credit to OM at HarsH ReaLiTy for his Blogging Tips, free advice and some cool stuff on his blog. More tips in his ebook.

See something you like on someone’s blog? Why not ask them how they did it? OM gave me some pointers on how he got all his Add a Line Poetry posts to show up on a Menu tab.  Now I’m going to share it with you, step-by-step.

Add a New Post. That’s easy and I’m sure you already know how to do that.

Before you press the big blue Publish button, look down below it and you’ll see, most likely, a box that says Categories. If you want say, a Poem Art tab to appear on your Menu, then click +Add New Category, and type in Poem Art.

Then press the Add New Category button. Takes a short moment and you will see Poem Art appear in the box that says Categories, at the very top, with a ticked check box.

Simple as that.

Next, when you’ve finished typing your post, or uploading one of my colouring pics from my free online colouring book and using it as a poetry prompt, then press Publish.

Now to get it to appear in your menu.

Go to your Dashboard, and select Appearance > Menus.

If you don’t have a Menu already, just click Create New Menu, and type in something like “My Blog Menu numero Uno” and press Create Menu.

On the left, there are boxes for Pages, Links, and Categories. Choose Categories. You will see your new category in the list. Such as Poem Art. Tick the checkbox beside it. Press the Add to Menu button. It appears in the menu box to the right. Check your Menu Structure, and press Save Menu when you have it how you want it.

A little note at the end….
From memory, your new menu doesn’t need to have your blog’s home page added to it. Have a look at your home page to see if it shows on your menu. If it doesn’t, then you can add it. Just go to your Dashboard, select Appearance > Menus, and type your home page URL into the Links box. You can add your About page or any other page you create, by ticking the checkbox beside it in the Pages box. Press Add to Menu, and press the Save Menu button.

All done, just like that.

Tame that wild thing! These blog tips lurk under the Blogscapades tab on my Menu!


Phew, that is my first Art-Tickle on my blog. The rest is art that sometimes tickles… a funny bone!  Maybe I will try a few different types of art-tickle in future. 

Let me know if any of the instructions seem incomplete when you come to actually following them. I’ll see if I can wrangle an edit into the wild thing! If it means near-fatal injury then I’ll scarper. Unless your blog is used for life-or-death mission critical purposes, in which case, I will take the risk!

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Scribbling furiously, caught on vid!

I scribbled this riverscape some time ago, and sped up this portion of it which strained my basic edition video editor. I have passed the rest of the clips to a superior video editor to turn into a short video clip. Short and Fast!

Here is the very beginning.  It could do with being even faster…

(And no, I don’t really draw this fast!)


While thinking up youtube tags to add, I found this video on Creative Expression. Take a look if you have the time, it links creativity with health.

Creativity doesn’t have to mean drawing pictures…

Arriving – brightly in the sky!

This is my weekend attempt at colouring in. I’m hiding it over here on my poetry blog… perhaps wishing that a poem might sprout up beside it one day!



The original colouring pic is part of a series called Comfort. There were about 20 of them drawn in one day.





Our printer ran out of toner, so I traced  the picture very gently from the screen on to a piece of paper. Turned out okay! Had to be careful not to puncture the soft LCD screen!

You could of course, just squiggle a shape, and then turn it into a picture of your own.  It is amazing the many different ideas that can come from the same squiggle.  I used coloured pencils, a pack of 12. Rainbow colours are a good use of the limited number of colours.  I get to blend each colour over the next a little. The black dotty bits are from an ink pen.

This picture is not on the Wildersoul Colouring Book blog. It might be a secret only to be found here!

Have fun with colour! Light up the sky with your rainbow!


Weekend Sounds – Bit of a laugh!

Ukeleles have always caught my attention, right from when I was a kid. This got me smiling, and had a good laugh at the end. Thanks Marcel!

Weekend Live Entertainment

Well, it’s live on video!

Here’s a favourite poet/musician/writer/artist rockin’ out a tune on his piano…

Love the improv in the second half!

You can find Marcel at Or in all sorts of places where poets gather.

Have a great weekend!

OM’s The Wishing Lake – poster design

Check out the new Poem Poster

I’d like to get it printed and framed. Make a nice gift – something different and unusual!

I am starting off by creating a one-page full-colour PDF, and hope to end up creating illustrated e-books. It takes a bit of getting used to handling the software.  And the technical stuff, you know, sizes and ratios, MBs and pixels, and exporting to different formats without conflict.

Hope you like the result. More to follow! I would like to showcase my favourite poems by authors here on WP. (With their permission of course!)  Thank you OM.

(Preview OM’s poem The Wishing Lake on his blog, HarsH ReaLiTy).


Inspiring Young Poet

This girl is amazing.

Shine a light poets!



Found it first on my Reader here:

More here:


OM’s Blogging Challenge

1. Write a love poem and stop in the middle. Change the mood of the poem and see how it ends.

I forget

the ache of love

as days pass

without word

Winter numbs

my heart

frozen tears

do not fall

Gracefully accepted

your invitation

no trepidation

no anticipatory thrill

I arrive

with Summer


melting my wings

my heart beats

Flying to you

2. If you could remove one thing, person, or place from this world what would it be? Would the intent be beneficial for everyone or just you?

I would remove Evil. (The harsh reality is that I do not have the power to remove it) Yep, it would be beneficial for everyone, not just me.  Those who love Evil would possibly not be happy about it.

3. What is the saddest moment of your life? Describe your feelings when thinking on it. Not necessarily relating whatever is that makes you sad, but instead show us what sadness means to you.

A sadness beyond tears, beyond words.

A sadness of the deepest soul, who sees the lightness with which others deal out horrific treachery, a death-dealing blow, which they carelessly discard as unimportant. Inconsequential. Irrelevant.

A sadness where grieving takes place in the marrow of the bones.

A sadness that sees that there is nothing that can be done. No reverse. No taking it back. No making it better.

The sadness of knowing my own fault.

The sadness of having nothing with which to repay.

The sadness which kills, if it is not switched off.

The sadness which is switched off, still.


4. Describe a happy memory of yours and try to recall something lost from it, or perhaps missed until now. Like when you rewatch a movie and see something for the first time.

Oh – now this happened recently. Looking at a photo album, I saw myself as a young child. We sat outside on the ground. A long grassy field, or a sandpit… The sun shone through my hair, and there was a young boy with straight blonde hair falling shoulder length all around his bowed head. He was the something lost, something missing. His name was Justin.  And I remembered his name.  We moved house, and I never saw him again. He taught me how to make a small four-legged creature with my hand. Middle finger is the head, thumb and other fingers are the legs.  Go on, give it a go!  My happy memory of a friend in the sun. We call the creature a BitBot.

5. What is more important reading the knowledge left by others or leaving our own opinions behind?

True knowledge is more important than opinions, in my opinion. Discernment, and wisdom gained from true knowledge is the precious treasure.

6. What motivates you? What truly inspires you to physically push forward and work harder? Is it a movie, book, person, or quote?

A person motivates me, every time.

Even if it were a movie, or a book, or a quote, each of these was made by a person. The spirit of that person inspires me through the words they wrote. Amazing how many words are behind the making of a movie.  I would like to make a movie without words.


7. When was the last time you said “that is just my opinion? ” Was it necessary to label a thought as simply your own? Do you still feel that way now?

Don’t think I say, ‘just’ my opinion. A few lines back I said, ‘in my opinion.’ Does that count? I ask in jest. I like to base my thoughts on truth. There becomes a blurred line between opinion and stating a fact when truth is behind it. Most times I hold back an opinion.  Other times an opinion doesn’t form, as I have not discovered the truth of the matter.

8. What is the most exciting place you have visited? Do you have a photo?

The most exciting place I have visited, is within the presence of a much loved friend. No I do not have a photo. It is a snapshot in my mind and soul, of invisible things.

9. If you had the choice between the last names Butts and Pecker what would you take?

Depends if my first name were Woody or Siggy.

10. If you wrote my blog what types of articles are missing or would you still like to see?

If I wrote your blog? That thought is like huge billowing white clouds rolling up tall craggy mountains!

I would still like to see Poetry.

Bible articles are missing….

Love to read other responses to OM’s Blogging Challenge. Here’s where to find the original questions: