Beads and paint on a butterfly

When my sample butterfly fabric arrived I was thrilled. And then I thought, “It looks like a hanky!”
When I got over that, I pinned it on the wall.
I don’t like pinning butterflies…
So I took it down and decided to make it beautiful.

Shiny blue/purple/green beads,
like a rainbow shine on an oil slick.
More colour needed…
Out came the fabric paint… blue and pink.

This is how far I got today:


The original black and white design looks like this:

butterfly 7 low-res

Click the image to visit the butterfly page on my free colouring book.

The fabric comes from Spoonflower, and cost $5, plus shipping. From US to NZ was only $1 shipping. It came in a nice waterproof envelope. I like it so much I want to do more fabric design. My brain is working hard in the background figuring out possibilities, and design ideas.

I couldn’t do all this stuff without other people. I am most grateful to all of you who visit my site, and for all the comments. It is the most supportive and encouraging environment here. Thank you all for being here.

Life-changing metamorphosis…


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I would have never thought to bead it…then again I’ve never beaded anything!

  2. Photos from the start of the project are at

  1. Butterflies love flowers… | Wildersoul

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