5am Blues

Up at 5am, I got the blues
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

↑ de-de-de-de-de-de-dum ↑

Look in the mirror, what do I see?
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

Puffy eyed face, lookin’ at me
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

My throat is sore, won’t gargle away
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

Looks like I’m in, for a painful day
↑ de-de-de-de-de-de-dum ↑
 Dwow, dwooowwww, dwooww, dow, dow, dum 

Ate some fruit, it went down cool and sweet
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

Log in to my blog, there’s people to meet
↑ deeee-deee-deeee-de-de-

↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

Oh, yeah…
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

I got dem blues…
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

Five in the morning…
↓ da-dee-di-dum ↓

↑ Dow dow dow dow dow dow DUM ↓
Dunh daa….↑…..↓….. ker-blonkg. Tschhhhhhhhhhhh……

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  1. yes! I have those – can i add a verse that states I try to get the dog to ‘go’ but she refuses to get out of bed?

    • Heeeyyyy — I just had a longer peek down your blogposts and spotted all the arrows! Of course you can add a verse, please go ahead! Onomatopeia (however it is spelt) is welcome, especially for musical interludes. 😉

  2. I hope you are feeling better. I like the tone of this post even though you aren’t feeling well 🙂

    • Hehe – feeling better in some ways – more real. Zonked back into humble nitty gritty family care routine. It’s funny about the music. I looked out the window as I awoke from a doze this afternoon, and a bare branched tree with long crooked fingers appeared to be playing the guitar on a stringy set of powerlines that zoomed past above the footpath. Headline: Twiggy plays electric guitar 😉


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