Add a Something Flash Fiction #3

Thanks to all who joined in on the last one!

This one has rules… you’re allowed to break them…

The rules are to make it real quick to finish one story.

First comment is the beginning
Second comment is the middle
Third comment is the end

No topic – the first comment sets the scene.

Have a go 🙂

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  1. I heard a sound downstairs. Soundlessly I slipped out of bed and padded down the dark corridor, wondering what it could be. One of the kids awake? I peered into each of their bedrooms and found both of them to be there asleep. My heart started thumping loudly – I thought it must be an intruder.

  2. Please help me. Give me strength. I willed myself to take a deep breath despite the crushing feeling around my chest. My head felt light, and at the same time as heavy as a lead balloon. I hovered at the top of the dark wooden staircase, hand on the the comforting curved knob where the balustrade started the descent to the vacant downstairs flat. My eyes strained to see beyond the corner and as I took the first step, I heard it again. The creak of a board near the front door. Then silence. A silence which roared in my ears, tuned to the finest softest breath of the intruder below.

  3. “Alice?” He moved towards me, and I finally recognised him in the pale moonlight from the window. His eyes were dark and shiny with regret. In his hands he held the key which he must have used to get in – I didn’t realise he still had it.
    “Carl! What are you doing here?” My voice is thin.
    “I…” he swallowed, and looked at the floor. “I wanted to tell you… I’m sorry. For everything. I…” As he met my eyes again I couldn’t help but feel that he really meant it. My tears glistened on my cheeks as I turned my face away. “I’m sorry too, Carl, but you have to leave. It can’t ever be the way it was again.”
    “I know.” He sighed. Approaching me, he slipped the key into my hand, and brushed his fingers through my hair for the last time. He wouldn’t see his children grow up; we wouldn’t grow old together. It’s just the way it would be.
    “Goodbye Alice,” he whispered, and left me standing there on the bottom stair, full moon outlining me like a ghost.

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