Add a Something Flash Fiction #4

This is growing into something interesting. Here’s an index of the Somethings so far:

Add a Something Flash Fiction #1 In which Chainsaws Bite

Add a Something Flash Fiction #2 In which Something gets stuck, Squiggle is a darling Plodopuss who is destined to take over the world, and someone was a friend, until the truth is revealed.

Add a Something Flash Fiction #3 In which an intruder brings tears to my eyes.

Once again, simple rules, one comment for the beginning, one comment for the middle, and one comment for the end.

First commenter sets the scene.



PS. While out blog-foraging, I came across this cool blogger’s idea for getting through writer’s block

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  1. Chainsaw bites are very scary. They remind me of blood and gore. I have been bitten by these chainsaws and survived. Allow me to tell you a story,…

    • I had walked out as usual to the wild chainsaw enclosure to feed them their daily load of dead trees. Somebody thought it was funny, however, to lock me inside. It was not funny. They tried to eat me like they’d eat a tree – I like to think they couldn’t tell the difference, but perhaps there is a reason they’re all rounded up in pens until they rust to death. There was blood going everywhere and it seemed to drive them crazy. I think I was screaming, but I couldn’t hear myself over the angry buzzing of the saws.

    • So, that is why I am in this wheelchair. It’s cool that I can get around without my legs. I still remember that day, and don’t want ever to get bitten again!

  2. Very interesting concept! Have you done any writing events online? I’d recommend it on G+. It’s fun, easy, and free. Let me know if you have any other events. I’ll put it on my events page. Thanks for reading and the shout-out!

    • Thanks for having a look! The concept is newly forming….
      Thanks for the recommendation! Personally, I have done no writing events per se. I have enjoyed Wordle Wednesdays which was a poetry event. G+ is out for me for the rest of this month, and I am intrigued to give it a try briefly later on. 🙂


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