Writing buddies, writing group, Add a Something Flash Fiction

Just recently I started “Add a Something Flash Fiction” and now I want to invite people to join in and also bring along more buddies to get the creativity really rolling. Let’s make up a story.

The lack of rules for today are:

1. Break them

2. Don’t stick to the 50 words for a beginning, middle or end.

3. Choose from the Topics, or make up your own…. let’s get started! 🙂

Here are some Topics:

1. Cheese sticks

2. Like a Rhino

3. My mother wouldn’t

Extra Notes:

Yes, it is okay to put one single word. Or “splat.”

Yes it is okay to write over 50 words, and copy and paste them into your own blog post.

It’s also okay to write a few words here, and then go write lots more on your own blog.

And it is okay to link back here, because we might like to come visit and see what else you’ve written!

If you want a special place to chat about what is happening, well….. what I will do is create another post right now, called “Chatting about the Flash Fiction.” Feel free to comment freely on it.

Okay – first commenter gets to pick the topic and set the scene… go for it! 🙂

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  1. I was chopping some cheese onto my sandwich over the carpet again, as my mother would never do, when my sandwich slipped. Cheese and bread went all over the floor. As I stepped to start picking up the pieces, I accidentally stepped on one. Oops. I tried to peel it out of the carpet, but it wouldn’t come off. Cheese sticks.

  2. I heard the roar from down the hall, and the approaching loud footsteps of doom… it was my mother approaching… Like a Rhino. Boom Boom Boom….
    “What’s that on the floor!?” She tweaked me by the ear, and towed me off to my room.

  3. “That,” I said, “is cheese. Which I think you can probably see.” She was so angry she locked me in, but I didn’t care. My mother wouldn’t have known about the massive cheese bomb detonator I was keeping under my bed for emergencies. Setting it off cracked the house to pieces and I escaped through a hole in the wall as cheese spewed from the windows. “That,” I said, as I started running, “is cheese.”

  1. Chatting about the Flash Fiction | Wildersoul

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