What is condescension? The word came up today and has me wondering… how can it come across in a simple ‘okay?’


It is sticking in my mind because of something I said. Yes, all right, I said “Ok.”

When I didn’t know what else to say.

Could it be taken the wrong way?

Hard to say.

Impossible to tell, when conversation is taken away.

Hi, I like you, you like me, oops I like you more.

You don’t like that. You push me away.

I stay… at arm’s length.

Now and then I try again…

You have complete control. You allow me in… and push me away.

What else can I say? But Okay?

Your mind is made up, you tell me what for…

if I so much as step in the door…

We disagree and thunder rumbles

My heart straight down to my stomach tumbles

And I am in the cold outside, looking in

on you.

And really, it’s not okay.

It’s the only thing left for me to say.

How can that be condescending?

ok. {attached to an explanatory note, sigh of despondent despair caught up in stifled sob which is never expressed because it has no-one to hear it, there is no-one who cares.)

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