Sick Statistics

I’m listening to those metaphysical marvels from Louise Hay…

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And really, I started to feel better when I threw out the thought that I need to slave over the clicks and follows etc, and how long it all takes, and the numbers and figures and percentages etc etc.  The headache left first, and I started to breathe easier.

I ripped a long sheet of newsprint off the roll and laid it on my table, and drew up  thoughts about my blog.

My biggest question became, “How do I earn money by helping others?”

And the two biggest things I noticed about my blog, were the popular blank frames, and the poem art / art therapy.

I am happily moving in the direction of:

Make beautiful art for others to use for poems

Make beautiful frames for others to use for art

Sell e-books as offline catalogues.

Link to blog for downloads/printouts.

Strangely, it has become easier to click, and follow etc, because my focus is more on socializing. Such as introvert! I am doing well with my three comments per day… I lose count. And that’s good.

Sometimes I wonder if I could write something about living on a low income. Fish head soup and pig’s trotters jokes aside….

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