Twitter poetry with @Wilder_Soul and @bonitagringuita

Love the #twitterpoetry! Each stanza is a separate tweet, with maximum 140 characters. So cool seeing it all written up together as one big poem!
Thanks @bonitagringuita and @tarinatrifonoff



walking over dull gravel and roadside
under all-consuming night
our dreams will begin

take wing and fly beneath moonlight
soar upon unsung winds
dare to simply be

alone but not lonely
feel the green globe moving
shifting underfoot

friends are mercury
slipping into the pool
becoming one.

globe moves, spirits soar,
shadows shift and waver
the dream becomes alive

every journey, every hope
and aspiration shared,
though our destination is unknown

Skyward stretch
Immersed in sunrise
Ascend hope’s rainbow
to Life… Free.

we come back,
back to ground
blanketed in the velvet night
waiting to dream again tomorrow

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