Fight to Write: Symbolism (I am having a go)

  • colour symbolism
  • connotative language (especially verbs!)
  • allusions

Hmmm…. subtle hints and beating around the bush; negative or positive colouring of actions; and ideas or qualities summed up in a hue. What theme shall I tie it all to?  I’ll give myself a choice of three…

  1. Death
  2. Love
  3. Pain, of the inescapable kind.

It’s 15:23 and I am cold, and the pot of water is boiling faster on the stove.

Faster than I can run and stop it.

With a blow.

The steam dissipates

and my cup is empty, hollow,

and bone white

I pour the boiling liquid by the brimful

One for you

One for me

Taste of amber, on the tip of my tongue

Burning memories permanently over hazier sun-filled days

You wait for the steam to slow its roiling

and sip when almost cool…

Eyes setting below rim of your cup

beaming directly at me.

Drained, the cup is stained

with a glimmering reflection.

It’s 15:30 and it took a shorter time than I thought.


I reckon I was greedy and swallowed all three for my theme!

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  1. Amazing poem, Anasera! I’ve given it the Golden Gloves Award at AND have made my own attempt at analyzing it there too. Love what you did with the connotative language and symbolism–it deepens the meaning and provides possibility for many different interpretations!

  2. “Taste of amber, on the tip of my tongue
    Burning memories permanently over hazier sun-filled days” – love these words.

  3. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Blog Review #10

    Ah there we go. This was a good one and I appreciate the drive of it since I too love symbolism. There is so much freedom one can do with an understand of a word and the different meanings it can convey. Well done, this was a great read!

    This blogger actually has many different blogs connected to her main page. I am not sure how she keeps track of it all, but she must have a system. If you get a chance a browse of her stuff can be enjoyable.

    Note: This review was done in connection with the post “I will do “Ten Reviews.”


  4. Most interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for the thought that went into this!

  5. Ahh the idea of competitive writing has never crossed my mind, this work you’ve linked is quite well written & interesting.

    • Oh, I didn’t think of it as competitive… I consider Ace as my writing teacher online. I enjoy the motivation to focus on a certain aspect of writing. Mostly it will show me what I know and what I don’t know. So then I can work on any gaps in my writing knowledge. Or I may choose to focus on what I do well already. I am glad you found this piece interesting!

  6. Oops, last post, did not know the first one made showed up here with the latter.. e-taboo

  7. Loved this. Now following you.

  8. Ooh goody, I got some golden gloves!! Boof, pow…!! (Need to learn a bit of fancy footwork next!)

    Thank you 🙂

  1. Golden Gloves to Wilder Soul

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