Cabin fever changes lives

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Living in a tiny cabin in the bush changed my life. What a change from the big city, crowded suburbs, grey concrete and power poles. There’s nothing quite like roughing it, and going without power or phone, or running water to give a completely new perspective on the world.

The isolation from the hustle and bustle of a hemmed-in community is freeing, and strengthening. I learned how a family works together, survives in close quarters, and overcomes cabin fever.

Mostly I learned how to tap into inner resources, of imagination, creativity, and self-knowledge.

Often I dream of living off the grid again.

Check out this tiny house…

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  1. I really want to escape into the wild sometimes. Wonder how well or badly I would do. But i know challenges are freeing. Living off the grid sounds about the same.

    • It is a wonderful thing to go out and do a bit of survival training. I think that is why people enjoy going camping so much. Although I think it defeats the purpose to take everything but the kitchen sink and experience the same as always, in a different spot.

      I think it’s good to go through the process of wondering… and set things up to experience it, at your own pace.


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