Embarrassed by Hollie Mcnish

Bravo, well said!

Drop in the Ocean

As a mother who intends to breastfeed I found Hollie Mcnish’s spoken word poem “Embarrassed” to be very powerful. Hollie wrote the poem after someone commented that she should stay at home to feed her baby. Breastfeed babies in the beginning feed every 2 to 3 hours, and if the mother do not feed sometimes outside the home then this leads to isolation. It’s not healthy for the mother to be house bound, and a healthy mother means a healthy baby. Breasts were originally meant to nourish babies yet in Western society there is a greater comfort with only seeing them as an object of sexual pleasure and shame attached to feeding an infant. Something is wrong here when a mother is shamed for feeding her child. One only have to look at billboards, magazines, film, and television to see women’s breasts treated like a sex object. One never sees…

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  1. I nursed each one of my boys for 2.5 years. And I nursed everywhere. I was discreet mind you – but I did not care what people thought.


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