New routine

I’ve been feeling a bit ruffled since starting the blog. This morning I thought of a new routine to try out. It may or not work in practice. Only one way to find out!

One. Spirituality…  I need to find an outlet, and nourishment for the spiritual side of me. And it has to come first, so I’m going to start with this each morning.

Two. Means of living… Next I will work on, creating content to encourage community interaction. I would like to highlight people’s work so I guess it would be a bit like an online publisher, or a niche bookshop… I’ll get it sorted, what kind of an animal is it really? I will allot it the time it requires early in the day.

Three.  Healing, and giving to others… This means my colouring book. The artwork-a-day routine is very healthy for me, and I want to complete my goal of a year’s worth of artwork available for free over the internet. I want this to be a healing sort of environment.

Four. Interaction…. Instead of likes and follows, I want to make comments. Who knows what will come of it! I am interested to find out. I am wondering if the percentages will change. Instead of a smaller percentage of comments out of a very large amount of views, I want to see if I get a larger amount of comments from a smaller number of views. Because at the end of it all, I would like to grow a creative community of people with as little effort as possible in bringing them all together. Call me lazy (?!)

Five. Exercise. Probably between about 3-5pm. Maybe play with a basketball and shoot some hoops or something. Something a little more vigorous than my usual long walks.

Six. And this is the part I look forward to, and what is most often put off… Learning! I like to read, study, practice, and create. And perhaps, I could set apart this last part of the day to learn with others, in person somewhere. Mostly, I want to create a colouring book at home. And I need to devote some time to it. It has to be a little different from the standard colouring books.

I’ve simplified it a lot, and there are things missing which will probably shuffle into weekends and odd pockets of the day.

I avoid deadlines as much as possible, and setting specific times to do things. I do get very specific about my goals, and have regular checks weekly and monthly to review them and make changes or update them. Usually my timing is way out. I either achieve a goal in a few months that I set for a year, or I take a year or more to achieve something I set out to do in a few months. It’s all part of the process and I adjust the timeframe to suit as I go along.

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  1. You sound so organised. Good luck with the new blog.x

    • I try to get the broad priorities in the right places and everything seems to fall into place. 🙂 Hope you have had a lovely day – I am guessing from your name that you are in Scotland?

  2. I really liked what you posted here so I added a link to this post on my ‘GOOOOD INFO’ page. I’m sure it will be of real value to anyone who reads it and I want help by spreading the word. I love what you are about!!!

    • k-
      Thank you!
      I ramble on a bit and think it isn’t that much interest to those who would like to read poetry etc. However, yes it could be of interest to others who are setting up blogs and e-books and figuring out a routine.
      I am feeling much more relaxed after taking the time to think about it, and write it up. So far it is working out all right! I have to really push to make a space and time to create a new colouring book.
      Found an interesting site which is run by a wonderful man who used to be my boss. E+books. Not sure how to describe it, sounds like a cross between an app and an e-book, and there are lots of interactive chess e+books available. Intriguing!


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