Seek… and a CV

I am going to fill this space with employment-related info, although I am working towards self-employment. This is to keep a door open to other options.

FIrst thing: Set up a account. Here I go…

Right, that’s done. I can see how it could be an opportunity for letting people know about the online colouring book… Cogs are turning in my mind…

I can also see how there is very little available in the conventional job market for me in my current situation. In fact, nothing today, in my first searches.

Next thing: Write up a CV. This will be fun. I will post it when I’m done!

Okay, I am putting off my time management thing… That’s okay I will make time for it later! 😉

I have a photo to turn into a colouring book picture for, and also a small sketch I made of a tyre sunk in the foreshore as a mooring. I’ll do those first.

I want to do a bit of brainstorming on “IF” I did some painting, then what would I paint? I am not sure if it means that I “will” paint. I will end up with a huge page of painting themes or topics to choose from or feel a bit inspired by. Perhaps I could post the page when completed, and everyone could have a go picking a theme to create something with. Art or Music or Poetry… a Dance… anything!  Then of course, send it as a submission to We Poets Show It, where the lovely Kira and Zoe will have you feeling like a star!

One of the options for a ‘Career Path’ at my special appointment yesterday, was Artist – Painter. And I looked at it longingly, and mumbled, half under my breath, “I don’t think I could make money with it…” So now I am working on why I might feel that way. It is not like I am aiming to make millions…

It could open some other options, probably more to do with time management… so I can do the colouring book, and add some paintings for sale, now and then.


Okay, I have done my One Page Business Plan and emailed it off to get some feedback.

If all okay I will post it here soon!

Next step: Time Management.

Life Update – Creative Contacts

I am determined to move into the equivalent of 15hrs a week paid employment. This means for me, a specific financial goal of $10,140 per year, minimum.

First step – revisit my one page business plan and publish it.
Second step – serious look at time management
Third step – brainstorm ideas for painting… later on look at whether it is relevant.

Now for a list of creative contacts that I am pursuing. I need support for my confidence and personal development, as well as creative and professional development. And it needs to be from within my community if possible. Online community support may turn out to be more suitable for my situation. If this list is helpful to you please feel free to help yourself to contacts! 🙂 I feel this is the best and most accessible place for me to keep it, and to keep adding to it.

Online Community Support
We Poets Show It
Art Is The Cure
Harsh Reality

New Zealand
Creative Spaces – Arts Access Aotearoa
(04) 802 4349

Turning Point Recovery Services

Creative NZ

Chamber of Commerce

The inkling by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

This poem touched me. Soemtimes we stumble along in life without realizing the effect we have on others.

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

He was merely the catalyst for her radiance,
She was the body of light in waiting.
He told her she was stunning.

Each time a flicker of reluctant
Acceptance fed the filament,
Until her bulb threw out her light.

She held his hand in hers.
He was more thankful than she.
Because, in the back of her mind,

She still failed to believe she
Could have any effect on
Another human’s heart.

She didn’t have an inkling how
His heart swelled to bursting
Every time her face filled his mind:

Pushing away the cold winter clouds.
Bringing every one of his senses
To a lost sweet surrender.

She would one day.

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Can Entrepreneurs be “Educated” ?

Innovation, creativity, and even a bit of a yak about Michelangelo, my main source of creative inspiration!

Blue Oyster Business Growth

This question is one that CEOs across the globe ask themselves with increasing frequency. And perhaps something VCs and early stage entrepreneurs also need to ask themselves. Later on, some entrepreneurs begin to admit they could have used some good “early stage advice”.

Why does this continue to be the case?

Looking at their nature, entrepreneurs are often maverick, wilful, impatient, willing to cut corners, leaders rather than followers. Willing to break rules and remake them, upset people and apologise, chase impossible dreams, rather than suffer the inadequacy and bureaucracy often inherent in rules laid down by others. Willing to innovate first and achieve solid consistency second.

In the corporate world run by CEOs, this behaviour is a world away from the 9-5 obedience that many lower level managers seek, often to “make their life easier”, and offering the easy comfort and stability that consistency allows.

But entrepreneurialism is increasingly…

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Changing our Routines

I LOVE this man!

It's about you!

We all have routines or rituals we follow everyday. It could be a simple thing like having coffee and a muffin every morning or taking the same route to work or doing things in certain order. While order and structure is good, we need to break up that monotonous cycle or pattern because it will start to feel like we are a rat stuck in a maze, trapped, angry, and in despair. Change up the order in which you do things. Spend time with different people. Go outside your comfort zone. Take up new challenges. Shift your life’s paradigm by exploring new ideas and thoughts. If your life has become a comfortable routine or pattern but doesn’t give you joy then become the agent of change, the source of your own happiness.

This gentlemen inspires me, makes me realize how we can live a good quality life if we want…

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Hello in person, sort of!

Hellloooo! This is me, getting techy with the webcam and headset! Wondering if I can do some sort of Liiiive performance of some sort….. one day! I have the thought of Google Plus being some sort of live venue for open mic poetry, or live music… or something. Even live art making.

Be brave, here goes! If you have a hello back… drop us a link! 🙂 Or try a video reply on YouTube!

The Daemon Died!



Is this the most hilarious error message ever!?

I couldn’t help but let out a big “Woohoooo!”

daemon died


Thoughtful response to another reminder to beware, after hearing of one more fake suicide.

single crystalline white petal
unfolds the truth
glows inside a white fire
diamond heart which shatters
with your pure voice.


Lie to me
Tell me the truth
Leave me
I see you
You need me
I know you
Say I love you
Walk away, no goodbye.


I (don't) believe in you
You are (no) different
So (dis)honest
You love me (not)
My mind is (never) made up
Truth is (un)real


My hands shook my knees too
My eyes darted, where to?
Hide or run away, there is no place
like Here to Stay, Stand Firm.


MIA said Do You Care?
SAD replied No.
And yet too much.


Not Test.


Sue Is Siding with Loveless
Life is Scorning Sue
The thing to do?


Depression damp and heavy
my mind rusts to the truth
which used to be sharp
Poison Tipped Shiny Dagger
in your hands.


Closed doors bar my mind entry
into the Night before
The hinges rust off and I am free
to see inside it is not pretty 


The cloak of anonymity discarded
for the secret of being me.


A mind sparkles, aflame and aflare
Brightening the night, with blinding glare
Eyes close in peace
Not one missed jigsaw piece


Your mind has encompassed the world
and lazily traverses it 100 times a day
while plodders stumble and toil
on their own soil


In dark hours your voice is a strong lifeline of presence
While shivering your words shelter me
A fire ignites in my heart


don't worry I'm still here no suicide note I see you care
and yet it's all a dream because I do not believe you know me


The aching need to find the truth of who cares at all,
who cares the most, deeply strangles my red raw throat,
I die, you cry


Adoring fans won't admit the betrayal
True friends growl and turn away
Inside my fishbowl
Silently watch
Cold watery truth


home calls
urgent incessant nagging
tugging at my heartstrings
pulling at my conscience
meowing at the window
Open the door!


Pick up a book
chew on a pen
throw down a thought
chew it again

A shift in direction

To those who may be following the continuing saga of my colouring book…

I am shifting towards making contacts locally and using the internet to keep in touch with people I know in person.

This is changing my idea of how to go about blogging, and also how to ‘do business’ over the internet.

Nothing personal, I have disconnected from people I don’t know in person on Facebook and LinkedIn. Until I figure out what to do next I have made these two social media sites as private as I can for now. I don’t mind the anonymous contacts on WordPress or Twitter.

The stats on my blog were a bit of an eye-opener. It’s mostly Google searches that refer people to my blog. And I am learning a bit at a time about setting up my own business. Seems a singular focus works best for me, or I get too worn down. So I am going to focus only on the colouring book. And test out whether I can keep it to a 9am to 5pm routine.

The idea of a “brains trust” interests me greatly.

Also, I want to individually contact therapists, rather than trying to attract a following through blogging. This is part of chipping out a little niche on the particular crag I am climbing. If I want 400 paid subscribers, then I will need to contact at least 400 actual local people or organisations and talk to them.

That’s a big mission for me. Actually, it would be a year or so of daily contacts! I could treat it much the same as my daily uploads of artwork.

Before that, I want to get my colouring book zipped up ready for download.

And somewhere along the way I want to look a bit deeper at the issues hiding beneath the colouring book. This will take a bit of personal reflection.

When I have it all sorted, it will move on over to  Whatever form it ends up taking.

Thanks for being here.