Lazy Likes

I have been doing more comments, and less likes, and actually it is really hard work. I am inclined to think of it as ‘too hard.’ And I am missing out on getting a rapid glimpse of a huge variety of blogs. When browsing through the Reader my mind gets focused differently, and I memorize names of blogs, and gravatar pictures, and the picture and content visible. Maybe it sounds superficial, and yet I think it is the same as walking into a crowded place and noting the faces and name tags of a whole ton of people there. Perhaps a bit like briefly shaking hands with everyone you meet, and exchanging names briefly with perhaps a tiny snippet of conversation.

There is a place for that…

It doesn’t have to be deep and intimate for every encounter with every single person. Unrealistic expectations!

I guess that’s what I get for being such a hermit for so long…. I forget the usefulness of brief fleeting exchanges, and lose the ability to quickly recognise people. I will go back to clicking Like on blogs I like, many of them in a row, because I really need to do that. It sharpens my mind. I love to recognise people when they come to visit later.

When people visit, I love to visit their blog again, to refresh my memory, and also to dig a bit deeper, and browse some more posts to get a rounder picture of the person. I suppose this would be a bit like meeting again over a short coffee break and exchanging a couple of stories.

Comments are what I like best, and yet they do take more mental energy to formulate. It’s also good for me. Not in very large doses though! I will go back to my lazy likes in large dollops, and keep the comments as the icing on top. A lot of work to create something which I find the sweetest part of the blogging cake.

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  1. I LOVE the cake analogy. Awhile back I was spending six to seven hours trying to get to everyone’s blog and comment. It was easy when i only followed 10 blogs! It got harder as my blog grew. Icing on the cake is always the best part πŸ™‚

    • Whoa! Six or seven hours commenting? Yes, that would be much easier with only 10 blogs! I find that I have two or three blogs I keep up with, and all others are sporadic unless I can come up with some sort of system… like certain days to visit 5 blogs or something like that.

      I’ll have to think about this!

      I’m glad you commented because I would like to come over for a visit, and have been thinking of you quite a lot on and off lately. I am a creature of habit, and somehow the change of blog put me out of whack with where to find things. I need a big tidy up of my bookmarks.

      I wanted to ask you too…. is it all right if I link your new blog to a blogroll in my sidebar?

      Great to hear from you. Hope all is going well. I’m coming over now……. πŸ™‚

      • Of course you link to me in a blogroll!! πŸ™‚

        The 6-7 hours didn’t come until I hit the 200 mark. Then between the 200 & 400 I got overwhelmed! If I don’t have to work it would have been perfect! Lol

        I’ve also been thinking about you. I’m in the process of publishing a book. I was wondering if I could use your artwork that I used for art therapy in the book? I would of course give you full credit and a link to your blog. Would that be okay with you? I understand if its not πŸ™‚

        Talk to you soon

      • That would be perfectly okay. Please go ahead, and thank you thank you for asking permission first. I would love to see your book when it is done.
        If you want to put some of your favourite colouring pictures into your book for others to photocopy and colour that is fine too. (Unless it’s an e-book of course! hee hee).

        Full credit and a link to the blog would be so much appreciated. I would like the word to get out there so others can freely use the online colouring book, and especially for therapeutic purposes.

        Well done, for your work on getting a book ready to publish. It’s hard work! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m just about finished a post that refers to this, about being organised. Like you, I find it a bit overwhelming and I do want to leave comments, especially on those that make me think or entertain so greatly. Time to do it all and post and work and live escapes everyone, I feel sure.
    It set me to wondering how everyone organises what can prove to be so time consuming. I’m sure some ‘old hands’ in the blogosphere will have many tips to help.
    Me? I’m a bit like yourself. Trial and error and try something else.x

    • Nice to meet someone going through the same process!

      I wonder if a faster computer would help!??? Mine is quite slow at loading pages at times. Then I wonder if maybe a desktop email program would be a better option instead of commenting from within the browser.

      I’m coming over to pick up some tips on being organised!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I like your way of thinking. I also like to go check out the blogs of those who have liked and commented on mine, to get a picture of them, I like the moments wondering and finding what connected them to me.

  4. What you say makes so much sense and though I’ve only just begun I already feel overwhelmed at times. Will have to consider the ‘liking’ approach more…otherwise how will I get any work done on the dreamquest…

    • I have a new colouring book to make and I am feeling the same – I will have to make space and time to work on it, and that may mean a quiet spell on the blogs… not tooooo quiet though I hope! You’ve certainly made yourself known, pibbs, in a most enjoyable way. πŸ™‚


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