Over the moon!

Thank you to the person who bought my colouring book! My second sale so far! You have helped me reach my goal of making $2. Yes I know, it’s not a very big goal. I really didn’t know if I would sell any at all, and wanted mostly to find out how to self-publish a book. I am over the moon, (happy), and ready for my next goal, which is to produce a special purpose colouring book.  (As opposed to general purpose colouring book, which is what I tried to achieve with my first one – a little bit of everything, all rolled into one.)

My business plan is coming along slowly. Here’s my “elevator pitch.”

I am an artist who provides quality colouring books to therapists at an affordable price as a helpful resource for healing.

Next step is to make it come true….

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  1. Yippee!!! Turtles will rule the world one day…all those slow and steady turtle steps will get you to your goal!

    (Fast Forward to Wildersouls Corporate Headquarters)
    VP of Finance enters busy penthouse office–built upon rotating foundation with walls of windows that offer 360 degree view of shire–filled with busy happy worker bees that each have a desk with a window view.
    “Has anyone seen Anasera?” VP asks.
    “She’s not here at the moment.” all bees sing out in chorus.
    “Anyone know where?” VP asks.
    “She’s Riding the Elevator to the Moon again!” they sing.

  2. You’re welcome! My kids like it a lot!


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